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The job market is rockier than usual these days, but if one thing remains consistent, it’s this: folks who push themselves to learn new skills will always stand out ⭐

Looking for your next great addition to your professional toolkit? Of course you are – you’re a member of the No-Code This crew 🪐

No matter what brought you to the no-code cosmos, we’re all here to explore as many intergalactic skills as possible. It’s almost time for liftoff, so don your spacesuits and get ready to launch 🚀

Up First: Webflow

When it comes to building websites, few stars shine brighter in the no-code galaxy than Webflow, the iconic cloud-based SaaS design and content management tool for customized websites.

As a ‘visual canvas,’ Webflow gives users the creative capacities of code – without having to write a single line. A ton of benefits make it stand out, but a few include the ability to…

👉Preview your build in real-time

👉Take advantage of infinite plugins

👉Cut down development time (without penny-pinching)

Whether you’re new to no-code or an experienced developer, there’s a good chance Webflow is a fit for you. Click here to get started!

The Latest No-Code News

  • That’s not the only recent news from Flutterflow! The no-code app builder is also adding summary screen templates, which will allow users to see a basic overview of your app’s functions. Here’s a teaser!
  • Are you a Glide enthusiast? The Glide Experts program is accepting applications. Check out this thread to see five perks of joining the group, including revenue sharing and boosted exposure.
  • No-code data tool KNIME is hosting Game of Nodes, a world workflow tournament where teams tackle data analytics within the platform. Click here to learn more, sign up, and find teammates to compete with!
  • If you’ve been wanting to add a custom map to your site or app, you’re in luck: Mapify is a new no-code tool for creating and hosting web-based map apps. Click here to learn more!
  • The free no-code game development tool GDevelop announced a partnership with EsotericSof, enabling users to create Spine animations quickly and easily. More details on the release here.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Memberstack

So you’ve finished your website, dashboard, or web app, and you’re now ready to monetize.

You decide to gate your content for members-only access. How can you set up access control without altering your design?

If you use Webflow, Wix, WordPress, Notion, Weebly, Carrd, or Squarespace, the next step is easy.

You turn to MemberStack, the best-in-class no-code software for adding membership features to your no-code content.

From o digital bulletin boards to course creation to local marketplaces to products and services, Memberstack enables profit-minded entrepreneurs to launch and grow custom member portals.  

Memberstack is so popular, Webflow itself even used it to host the 2023 Webflow Conference! Some of the top features include:

⚡User accounts

⚡Stripe payments

⚡Flexible APIs

⚡Integrations with 1000+ apps

⚡Easy social logins

Monetization is yours for the taking – click here to join 50k users and get started for free.

Our Favorite Memberstack Tutorials

👉This tutorial will help you start your Memberstack from scratch

👉This guide will help you connect your Webflow site

👉This video will help you set up free and paid plans in minutes

This Week’s Top Tips & Takes

Wondering what’s trending in the no-code cosmos? As always, we found plenty of tips and takes this week, like…

Thanos showing non-no-coders what no-code feels like

A lawyer’s pitch on the advantages of no-code for companies

An in-depth walkthrough on sending rich emails based on Airtable actions

This Week’s No-Code Wins

What’s no-code without the wins? Shout-out to this week’s no-code winners who shared their:

👏Animated Toddle/WeWeb logo designs, created with Spline

👏 Non-profit website design, created with Framer and Figma

👏This entire thread of active projects, well on their way to becoming wins!

And finally, how everyone’s feeling with Shopify finally integrated with Webflow and Figma this year 🧑‍🍳🍳

How are your no-code journeys coming along? Before coming in for our official landing, don’t forget to…

📤 Hit ‘reply’ and share your latest wins, questions, or whatever else is on your mind 📤

You’re now free to enjoy your (almost) weekend, explorers! We’ll be back next week with more 👋

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