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Is it too early to choose our New Year's Resolutions? 🤔Because we already know how we’re spending 2024: uncovering the Next Big Thing in the No-Code Cosmos!

Okay, okay, that’s the same resolution we’ve been working on throughout 2023, but we’re just having too much fun on our weekly no-code voyages (and we have a feeling you are, too 😏).

Ready for another expedition? Countdown is about to begin, so don your spacesuits, and get ready for takeoff 🚀

Up First: Coda

Want in on a secret shared by 80% of Fortune 100 companies? The easiest way to collaborate is, of course, a no-code tool: Coda, a customized workflow platform where everything a team needs to succeed is compiled into one flexible document.

As easy to use as Google Docs but far more advanced, Coda features:

✅ Interactive data with live collaboration

✅ Templates and pre-build building blocks

✅ Integration with thousands of other apps

From project management to product roadmaps to HR databases, Coda’s potential is the definition of endless.

Click here to get started today!

The Latest No-Code News

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Without-Code

Ever wished there were a tool that performed like WordPress, but is much, much easier to learn, manage, and scale?

Same here. That’s why we can’t get enough of Without Code, a cloud-based dedicated site builder that requires zero coding skills, was created for design agencies, and features one of the best visual drag-and-drop editors in the game!

While WordPress started as a blogging site and then later added CMS functionalities over the years, Without Code is built with the designer in mind. Agencies love it for client work, thanks to:

👉Unique templates built by the Without Code team (no more third-party nonsense)

👉100+ widgets that act as building blocks

👉Easy access to multiple sites natively on the Without Code dashboard

👉Powerful SEO tools

👉AWS-backed security and automatic site backups

👉No bandwidth restrictions

👉Direct access to extensive white label resources

Ready to blow clients out of the water while saving time and resources? Click here to join Without Code now!

This Week’s Top Tips & Takes

The no-code community is always up to something, and this week was no exception! Check out…

🤔This UI generator that’s claiming to out no-code no-code

This handy guide to building fully responsive, multi-step forms on Bubble

▶️This blog on moving a Figma web design over to WordPress

This Week’s No-Code Wins

If we had to choose one thing we love most about the no-code cosmos, it’s how easy it is to win 💪This week, we gathered these inspiring no-code success stories:

👏A Flutterflow user replicated a Note App design idea crazy fast! Here’s his step-by-step story.

👏This sophisticated site was whipped up to show off Uibun, a no-code platform launched by a solopreneur.

👏A Day 4 update from a no-coder who just built a Roadmap Board for his SaaS boilerplate.

👏An experienced web developer gave the no-code tool Typeform a chance – here are the results!

👏Finally, this solid reminder that solopreneurship isn’t just possible: with tools like no-code on your side, it’s the best time to be one.

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Instead of working for someone else, consider monetizing your next no-code project! Have no idea where to begin? You’re in luck – Flutterflow just posted a blog on App Business Models 101 to help users like you crank out the cash 💸

Click here to get the app monetization rundown, direct from the experts!

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back: you just completed another adventure through the no-code cosmos 🎉

Whatever you do next with your ever-growing skillset, allow us to be the first to congratulate you on your inevitable success 🫡

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