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The Latest No-Code News

There’s a lot to love about no-code, but we’re especially big fans of how quickly the technology is evolving. No matter how much you master, it’s impossible to get bored! Here’s what came out this week:

  • Airtable unleashed two new features: a revamped home screen and a refreshed progress bar. If you’re determined to make the most of Airtable’s project management capabilities, you’ll love the changes. Click here to see them come to life!
  • SignalWire announced the release of the SignalWire AI Agent, a no-code-enabled customer service engine for CPaaS. Now, IT staff and employees without development skill sets can insert plain text instead of code to deploy human-like conservation bots quickly. Click here to read more details about the release!
  • No-code got some love in this debunker video. Although some people are hesitant to trust the tool due to supposed privacy concerns, this reputation couldn’t be further from the truth. Watch the video to learn why!

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Ycode

To introduce our no-code tool of the week, we’ll hand it off to this review on ProductHunt:

“As a Wordpress user, I find Ycode a breath of fresh air.”

Known for being among the easiest website builders on the market, Ycode is one of those tools that lives up to no-code’s user-friendly promise. It stands out for its:

👉 Library of pre-built layouts and reusable style elements

👉 Interactivity powered by creative animations, web app adaptations, and complete control of all CSS design properties

👉 Content management system for copywriters to easily load in their writing

👉 Customizable workflows for sending emails, filling forms, and triggering display elements

👉 Easy importing for bulk amounts of data

👉 Streamlined Airtable integration

It doesn’t have the same bandwidth as bigger no-code players (the Pro package tops out at 300,000 monthly visitors), but it’s certainly fit for…

✅ Personal websites

✅ Small and mid-sized businesses

✅ SEO strategy

Plus, Ycode is extremely budget-friendly! The free version hosts unlimited pages and an Airtable integration, and for just $5/month, you get a custom domain.

If you’re looking for a website builder that’s the definition of easy, visually compelling, and fun to tinker with, Ycode will be your friend 🤝

Our Favorite How-Tos this Week

👉 As you’d expect from such a beginner-friendly no-code platform, Ycode has an excellent tutorial library. Click here to explore Ycode’s truly step-by-step videos.

👉 Ever wanted to add a poll to your app? This Flutterflow user created an engaging poll system in less than an hour, completely code-free. Here’s how they did it! Adding a poll system into an app with Flutterflow:

👉 Depending on your project or business, gamifying your website can unlock excellent engagement. If a leaderboard with rankings could strengthen your next tactic, you might want to see how Formaloo enables them without code! Here’s a quick blog and tutorial on the feature.

This Week’s No-Code Win(s)

We talk a lot about no-code’s powerful potential, but if hearing that mantra isn’t enough, perhaps these real-life use cases will win you over:

  • This Flutterflow user created a swipe-to-reply feature, auto-scroll capability, and easy request for payment for his e-commerce chat. After building it in Flutterflow, he migrated it over to Poddin. Check out the impressive sales funnel tactic here!
  • Alex, a proud “NoCode Guy” (according to his handle), is getting ready to pre-launch his new SaaS. He used Miro to tackle the landing page design, and despite not being a designer, it already looks incredibleclick here to check it out!
  • With no-code, you don’t have to place a limit on your ambitions. This WeWeb user set out to build a seven-figure product design studio for shipping no-code software tools. In just one day, he used WeWeb to build this baseline sidebar app. Talk about speed, aesthetics, and reaching for the stars!

Resource of the Week

If you’re still getting your no-code sealegs, don’t panic. In order to get good at something, you have to push through the part where you’re bad at it!

(though with no-code, we’re firm believers that there is no “bad at it – just “not amazing yet, but getting better by the second”) 😉

To speed up the learning process, don’t forget to check out No Code 101 from No Code MBA. You can complete the courses at your own pace, and once you graduate, you can continue exploring the platform’s massive library of learning content.

As we said up top, there’s still time to turn this season into your summer of no-code love ✌️

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Speaking of learning, one of the country’s biggest schools is on the hunt for a Low Code/ No Code Team Lead! The University of Wisconsin Madison wants to leverage no-code to advance its academic mission – check out the posting here to see if you’re a fit.

That’s it for this newsletter, no-code voyagers! Enjoy your week, and keep up the no-code curiosity.

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