Hey No-Code Champions,

Happy official start to summer!

The time has come to soak up some sunshine, plan those backyard parties, and most importantly, dive head first into the wide world of all things No-Code 🤘☀️ 

Last week, we kicked off our maiden No-Code voyage with some news from Stacker, a rundown of Notion, and some resources for starting out. This week, we’re continuing our trek with a deeper look at some No-Code giants and the latest community buzz 👀

Grab your helmet (or sunhat), and let’s get into it! 🚀

The Latest No-Code News 

There’s no doubt about it – No-Code is having a moment. From new product launches to thought leadership in the space, here’s what’s poppin:

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Webflow

When it comes to building websites, few stars shine brighter in the no-code galaxy than Webflow, a cloud-based SaaS design and content management tool for customized websites. Positioned as a ‘visual canvas,’ Webflow gives users the creative capacities of code without having to write any. 

What makes Webflow different from its competitors? Here’s what stands out to us:

👉 Webflow features a real-time visual builder, meaning you can see how website elements will look on the website while building it. It’s extremely user-friendly, so if you’re a *true* beginner, you won’t have a hard time learning the ropes. 

👉  You don’t need to worry about plugins with Webflow. The Webflow tool kit has everything you need to build an interactive site (they have an abundance of unique interaction features), so no more micromanaging each individual plugin. 

👉 Webflow cuts down development time with surprisingly affordable (and flexible) rates. You can choose between general, e-commerce, or workspaces for in-house teams, freelancers, and agencies. 

If you need more convincing, check out these 7 reasons why Webflow is good for web developers

Our Favorite How-Tos for Webflow

Convinced? For approximately $0, you can enroll in Webflow 101, a course from the company itself that covers the fundamentals of web design and development

For a more organic option, this 48-minute-long tutorial will give you a good rundown. 

Once you get your Webflow sea legs, there are plenty of industry-specific templates to test out – these three are good starting points for a Conference landing page, a Photography portfolio page, and a Coworking space page.  

Finally, if you’re a Webflow veteran ready to implement the new Quick Stack feature, we recommend this quick tutorial. 

Happy not-coding-coding, everyone! 🍻

This Week’s No-Code Win:

If you think no-code can’t do it all, think again.

This case study explores how a full-stack developer built an entire dev agency solo using Directural, another great no-code tool we’ll cover in a future newsletter.

There’s nothing better than a no-code win in the wild 👏

No-Code Community Highlights:

Speaking of developer wins, Bubble – another fabulous no-code option we’ll cover in a future newsletter (hold tight, friends) – recently announced the first-ever Bubble Developer Awards 🏆

What we love about this announcement is the subtext that no code is powering so much creativity, the results are worthy of an award. That says everything you need to know about the tool. 

If you know someone who deserves the accolade, submit them by June 27th for their chance to win a trip to New York City and a mystery surprise.


If it sounds like we’re speaking gibberish when we geek about no code, perhaps a Bootcamp will do the trick. Oh, and no judgment here – we’re just happy you’re along for the ride!

A popular Bootcamp option is No Code 101 from No Code MBA. You can take it at your own pace, and you’ll gain access to the platform’s entire library of learning content 🍎 📏

You got this, friends 😎

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Already ready to flex your Webflow and/or Bubble skills? Platform Venture Studio is looking for a remote no-code and low-code developer to join their San Francisco team. The listing doesn’t include a minimum amount of no-code experience, so if you’re a prodigy with the tool… perhaps it’s time to shoot your shot!

Click here to learn more about the position.

That’s a wrap for this no-code voyage! Enjoy your summer kickoff festivities – we’ll be back in your inbox next week to continue exploring the no-code cosmos ☀️ 

Talk soon,

Your NoCode This Crew 🚀