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Welcome back to the next chapter of our no-code voyage, a one-of-a-kind expedition with one simple goal: unlocking hidden potential, both personally and professionally ⭐

We’ve made lots of progress so far, but this journey has more than one destination. Ready to see where we go this week? 

No matter what industry you’re in or where you hope to grow, everyone’s welcome to join us as we chart the no-code cosmos!

Put on those learning caps (or, in this case, helmets), and get ready for lift-off 🚀

Up First: a New Way to Source Support

Before we get into today’s no-code news, we wanted to pass along an excellent resource for ambitious entrepreneurs: iWorker, a virtual assistant platform that offloads your to-dos to a trusted remote partner.

If you need on-demand support to get your biz off the ground, be sure to check it out!

The Latest No-Code News 

  • Airtable users (especially those who love a good multitasking hack) woke up to great news late last week: Interfaces is now available on Mobile iOS. You can now manage any of your Interfaces on the go from your phone. Cheers to productivity!
  • Flowfinity was also treated to an upgrade this week. Flowfinity Actions 23.1, the platform’s latest release, is all about data visualization, as well as improving overall development and publishing. Click here to read the full release!

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Backendless

In recent newsletters, we’ve spotlighted platforms that help anyone with any skill set design and publish websites. This week, we’re exploring something a bit different: Backendless, a low-code solution for building, launching, and managing web and mobile applications without any server-side coding.

We wouldn’t recommend this platform for complete beginners, but if you have a decent grasp of no-code 101 and want a multi-faceted app you can scale, customize, and analyze with ease, here’s why you’ll love Backendless:

🧑‍💻Backendless can power complex frontend design, complete with a library of app blueprints and easy API integration 

🧑‍💻Backendless has scalable and lightning-fast backend capacities with streamlined management tools

🧑‍💻Perhaps most importantly, Backendless features a visual real-time database with robust analytics and easy modification capabilities

For these reasons and more, Backendless is a popular choice for startup MVPs and enterprise endeavors that have skilled developers on the team, but don’t have time to spare for manual coding. 

Oh, and as a Backendless user, you’d be joining the ranks of Kellogg’s, Dell, Columbia sportswear, and more. Use our code PROMO15 to get 15% off Backendless.

Our Favorite Backendless How-Tos

Newer no-coders will have to spend some extra time learning the Backendless ropes. Check out these tutorials to get up to speed:

This Week’s Top Tip

If you come from the development world, you know that no matter how easy a project may be, documentation is still a requirement. 

Ever wondered how to juggle the simplicity of no-code with the demand of documentation? 

Don’t worry – plenty of industry folks wondered about this, too. Read this article to learn the best documentation practices for no-code development

This Week’s No-Code Win(s)

As always, we can’t get enough of no-code wins in the wild! Here’s what we’re rooting for this week:

This WeWeb pro shared his website for what he believes to be the first WeWeb agency. There’s a first time for everything, right?!

This nocoder just used imagicaAI to build her first app, which recommends healthy sleep timing, fasting tips, and protein/calorie intake.

This Glide and Airtable user built an app to celebrate his wife’s birthday. Despite its simplicity, he manages to pack in a ton of unique features!

This Framer user shared her landing page for CodeFlowAI, an AI-powered code assistant she built that helps developers debug their code and enhance their productivity.

On a recent episode of The Digital Transformation Podcast, Omer Shirazi from EasySend discusses how no-code can optimize customer journeys in the insurance industry.

Resource of the Week

Want to build your no-code foundation before sinking your teeth into something like Backendless? No matter which platform you choose to master first, No Code 101 from No Code MBA can make sure you’re set up for success as early as possible. 

You got this, voyagers!

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Finally, if you’re in the market for a new role in no-code, you won’t want to miss this opportunity at Booz Allen Hamilton. The international tech firm is seeking a SharePoint Low Code and No Code Developer to support the management of low-code development platforms from vision to production-ready.

If you’re in Virginia and want a hybrid role, be sure to throw your hat in the ring 👀

Congratulations, you just completed another noteworthy no-code expedition 🫡

Enjoy the weekend – we’ll be back next Thursday with more!


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