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Happy Thursday, and welcome back to yet another voyage through the no-code cosmos ⭐

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a long-time explorer, there’s always something new to discover with no-code.

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Up First: CC Creative’s Partnership Program

No-code is all about reimagining what’s possible for your skillset. Similarly, CC Creative Design is all about reimagining what’s possible for a marketing partnership 💪

When you team up with CC Creative, you don’t just get unlimited access to app design, web design, wireframing, branding, and more

You also unlock the CC affiliate program, where members get a 10% commission on all payments from referred customers.

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The Latest No-Code News

  • Bubble published an updated No-Code Manifesto to outline its “commitment to no-code builders and a warm welcome to those still new to the wonders of no-code.” Bubble helped bring no-code into the mainstream with its first manifesto ten years ago, and the updated version is just as inspiring! Click here to read it.
  • Have you been counting down til the release of Sandbox’s newest no-code game builder? Your time has come: Gamemaker 0.9 is now available to download! Click here to learn more about the release, which makes Sandbox even faster, more efficient, and creative for aspiring no-code game developers.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Bubble

This week, we’re shining the no-code cosmos spotlight on one of the industry’s most influential tools: Bubble, the only full-stack no-code platform on the market.

Frequent voyagers have heard about this one before, but it’s about time to review what makes Bubble so powerful, popular, and pivotal to so many no-code wins:

💬 Bubble is an app development tool that lets anyone design, develop, and host advanced applicants without writing a single line of code.

💬 From Fortune 500 companies to hobbyists to bootstrapped startups, Bubble is the foundation for businesses of every size.

💬 3.3 million apps have been built on Bubble, and Bubble users have raised over $15 billion in funding for their Bubble-built businesses.

Bubble has earned this status thanks to its:

🗨️ Rapid development: users can quickly build, ideate, and test their applications.

🗨️ Easy interface: the platform’s user-friendly design has a gentle learning curve.

🗨️ Cost-effective pricing: building on Bubble costs a fraction of traditional development.

🗨️ Extensive customization: apps can be changed and upgraded with new features quite quickly.

🗨️ Hosting: Bubble shots and manages users’ apps, removing the stress of servers or DevOps.

Ready to see what the hype is all about? Click here to join the community of Bubble entrepreneurs today!

Our Favorite Bubble Tutorials

Bubble’s popularity means there’s no shortage of transformative tutorials 👏 Here are just a few places to get started:

👉This is the first video in a FREE Bubble crash course series. If you’re starting from scratch, start here!

👉This video covers simple app building in just 10 minutes.

👉This library from Bubble covers specific build tutorials, like an NFT marketplace, an Instagram Clone, and more!

This Week’s No-Code Wins

Need some no-code wins to keep up your no-code momentum? This week, we’re loving:

👏 This Framer user’s creations just one month after learning the platform

👏 This Figma developer’s stunning dashboard design

👏 This Webflow developer, who’s already finished 3 projects 3 weeks into 2024

Do you have any no-code wins to share? Send yours our way with a tag on X @nocode_this, and we’ll spotlight you next week ⭐

No-Code Job Idea of the Week

If you’re a Webflow user ready for your next challenge, check out Studio Direction’s opening for a full-time Webflow Developer! This opportunity is especially strong for people with an interest in FinTech, Real Estate, and Web3 👀

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