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Happy Thursday, and welcome back to another expedition through the no-code cosmos 💫

Want to know what makes this journey so special? Everyone is welcome to come aboard 🖖

Despite no-code’s out-of-this-world potential, you don’t need a degree in rocket science to tag along 🤝

All you need is your (learning) helmet, a dash of creativity, and plenty of curiosity. Get ready – it’s time for takeoff! 🚀

Up First: No-Code Bootcamp

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: you don’t need any coding experience to bring your idea for an app to life.

What you do need is a refined business model, a crystal clear pitch, and a willingness to learn the basics of no-code.

💸 Enter The MVP Bootcamp by No Code MBA, a live 6-week training focused on making money from your app idea 💸

Ready to finally take that crucial first step and join a dynamic cohort of fellow forward-thinking entrepreneurs? Click here to apply now!

The Latest No-Code News

  • Are you a Relume user? Be sure to check out their recent updates to the Relume library, which includes text editing within Site Builder, a Figma Pro Update, and 7 unique components. Click here to see the full list!
  • Webflow is also upping the game with a series of enhancements that make RTEs more flexible to build with. Click here to see what the new granular design control looks like!
  • If you didn’t engage with the tech community as much as you hoped to in 2023, the Festive Tech Calendar is running from December 1st - 31st. Click here to check out the schedule and put some webinars on your calendar.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Shoutem

Whether you’re a computer wiz or tech-challenged (no judgment here), Shoutem empowers anyone – and we mean anyone – to build a high-end mobile app in just four steps.

Have 5 minutes to spare? Here’s how Shoutem works:

  1. Pick a template from Shoutem’s easy-to-use library
  2. Customize your template with your logo, company colors, preferred icons, and favorite images
  3. If needed, import your own data and external content (without coding, of course)
  4. Publish your beautiful new app on the Google Play or Apple Store

And that’s it 🪄Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, event organizer, nonprofit leader, or educator, Shoutem is a stress-free option for streamlined app development.

Shoutem also enables users to:

📣 Rapidly prototype app ideas before investing further

📣 Integrate with other cloud services and plug-ins

📣 Review analytics and engagement

Think community engagement, easy communication, e-commerce experimentation, and more!

Click here to review pricing and build your app today (literally).

This Week’s Top Tip(s)

On the hunt for other tips on boosting your no-code skills? Check out…

💡This thread on building CRM on Notion HQ

💡This 30-second video showcasing Relume’s new AI sitemap builder

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

No-code isn’t just for entrepreneurs and business owners – as the field grows, more and more no-code-related roles are opening up at big companies around the world 👏

Right now, Ategrity Speciality Insurance Company is hiring a No Code Designer to help configure business rules, workflows, and screen design (forms) within a business rules engine or no-code platform.

Only 1 year of experience is required! Click here to apply now.

There’s more than just a whole world of no-code potential out there, voyagers – there’s an infinite number of galaxies just waiting to be discovered 🪐Where will your no-code journey take you?

📤Hit ‘reply’ to tell us what you’ve been up to, what you hope to achieve, and how no-code is inspiring you 📤

We’ll be back this time next week with more! Have a great weekend, everyone 👋

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