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Before we embark on this journey, go ahead and pat yourself on the back 🤝 you’ve taken an incredible first step toward mastering the No-Code orbit! Deciding to learn something new is no small feat, and we’re thrilled you’re here.

To kick things off, we’ll explore some recent developments from the wide world of No-Code, dive into tools to test out, and catch up on the latest buzz in the space 🚀

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No-Code News from Airtable

If you’re an avid Airtable user, there’s a lot of news coming from the Airtable airwaves to be excited about. Here are a few updates related to the platform:

If you haven’t yet made the Airtable leap, we’ll just say it’s a no-code go-to for a reason.


Notion No-Code Tool of the Week:

Airtable may be the no-code belle of the ball, but it's far from your only option. If you're brand new to no-code, Notion may be the tool for you.

If you think Notion is just for note-taking, think again. Here are three advanced no-code tools to try:

  1. Build a website with zero coding. No, you don’t need an engineer to jazz up your personal or company website – ​learn how here.​
  2. Leverage 50+ automation tools. Reclaim your time by integrating automation into your workflow – ​get started here.​
  3. Create a web app with low coding. This one is more complicated, but if you’re determined to build a web app, Notion templates can simplify the process – ​read this tutorial to learn how.

Our Favorite How-To

Maybe you already have a website, but want to make things more interesting. Dora is an excellent no-code tool for designing and publishing 3D animated sites, and ​they just dropped an excellent Figma plug-in tutorial. ​If you’re comfortable using Figma, ​click here to learn how to migrate your animations directly into your website!

No-Code Community Highlights

Need some no-code inspo? We came across two no-code success stories this week that have us geeking.Our first no-code win was a behind-the-scenes look at  Eve Arnold’s Part-Time Creator Club.  The content creator is teaching followers how to make money online while grinding at a 9-5, and we posted 6 tools that she can’t live without. It’s no surprise to see Notion on her list, but she also shouted out Kajabi, an easy website builder.  Take a look at its impact on her business! Another incredible no-code win came from Karthik Sridharan, whose no-code startup Flexiple.com made $4m using Bubble.io. WeAreNoCode on YouTube posted an excellent case study –  click here to check it out.

This Week’s Top Tip: the No-Code Prototype

As you get more comfortable navigating the no-code universe, you’ll get better at spotting opportunities to increase efficiency. One tip we’re loving right now for app development is to think of no-code as a time-saving rough draft. Even if you have to pivot to traditional coding at some point, a no-code prototype can save you a headache or two.

 This thread explains 5 reasons why

Resources for No-Code Newbies

No-code is making strides because of its approachable navigation and easy-to-use interface, but like anything else in life, there’s still a learning curve. Want to sit down with the experts?

Here are 13 of the Best No Code Bootcamps out there, according to Course Report. The top 5 include:

1.  Ambitious Labs

2.  Bubble Academy

3.  Canvas No-Code Bootcamp

4.  CRMBase

5.  Developers.Institute 

Finding a No-Code Expert or Client 🤖

If you’re a no-code pro, the world is your oyster. If you play your cards right, you can land a remote full-time no-code gig. One of the best platforms for finding no-code roles is  WeLoveNoCode, a job board for no-code developers  seeking long-term positions.  Click here  to apply to be a no-code expert.If you’re in need of a no-code expert of your own, WeLoveNoCode is also an excellent place to source talent.

 Click here  to find your next teammate.

That’s it for this week’s no-code journey. We’ll be back in your inboxes soon to continue exploring the no-code cosmos 🚀

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