Hey No-Code Champions!

Right about now is when New Year’s resolutions tend to fall by the wayside….

But we have a theory: you can’t say the same for no-code resolutions 💪

Whether you’re learning a new tool or hammering away on your next project, no-code is so intuitive, staying on schedule is pretty dang easy 😏

Get ready for your next voyage through the no-code cosmos. Countdown is about to begin!

Up First: CC Creative’s Partnership Program

In 2024, you deserve to have your cake and eat it, too – at least when it comes to your design agency 🎂

That’s the goal of CC Creative Design’s Partnership Program: it’s free to join, and members get a 10% commission on all payments from referred customers.

So on top of getting unlimited access to app design, web design, wireframing, SEO, branding, and more, CC Creative partners can earn almost $400 a month per paying customer 💸

Ready for your new favorite win-win? Click here to sign up and start earning easy $$$ today.

The Latest No-Code News

Things are already heating up in the no-code cosmos this year 🔥Here’s the latest news we’ve been eyeing:

  • The no-code blockchain tool GraphLinq just released a game-changing feature: an AI intent LLM integration, which lets people code with conversational prompts. It’s essentially code, no-code edition 🤷 Click here to learn more.
  • But that’s not all from Graphlinq – the web3 superstar also released yet another GraphLinq partnership, this time with PowerBrowser, a private browser solution built on ad democratization. Click here to learn more!
  • Synthflow AI (formerly Fine-Tuner) just shipped a fresh batch of new exciting features like voicemail, custom actions, new docs, and more! Here’s a full list of the news.
  • No-code is leveling up big time – at least in Canada, where the University of Calgary is launching one of the world’s first no-code university programs. Click here to learn more about the program, which will be focused on Bubble.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Carrd

Sometimes simplicity is the key to success. If you need a sleek website but don’t want to risk overcomplicating things, we have the no-code tool for you.

Meet Carrd, a comprehensive no-code website builder for stunning one-page sites.

Carrd has a solid fanbase, and it’s no wonder why. Carrd features:

☑️ A completely free plan (that doesn’t skimp on capabilities)

☑️ Over 75 templates you can customize in a flash

☑️ One of the easiest interfaces on the market

☑️ Animations, buttons, and plenty of icons

☑️ A massive library of how-tos and speedy customer support

If you do want to upgrade for custom domains, 3+ sites, forms, widgets and embeds, Pro costs just $19 per year 🙌

For personal pages, email capturing, small portfolios, and more, Carrd has you covered. Click here to get started.

Our Favorite Carrd Tutorials

You can probably figure out the Carrd interface on your own, but for extra help, check out…

👉This written how-to on getting started

👉This 5-minute tutorial for a simple yet stunning site

👉This 16-minute guide to making an interactive social profile

This Week’s No-Code Wins

Do you have any no-code wins to share? We want to feature them here! Send yours our way with a tag on X @nocode_this 📫

In the meantime, we’re loving wins like:

💪This thought-provoking no-code AI dashboard concept

💪This entire thread of Bubble web app flexes

💪This ‘how it started / how it’s going’ from this Framer user

💪This 3x founder sharing how no-code reinventing his businesses’ daily operations

💪This founder’s tweet about no-code reinventing daily operations

No-Code Job Idea of the Week

We’re willing to bet that no-code has your sights set on the future of work. Want to know where your career can evolve from here

Check out this list of predictions for ‘Jobs in the Future.’ As you’d expect, no-code made the list!

Congratulations on yet another strong start to the New Year! As you navigate your goals and work toward those milestones, remember this: with no-code on your side, the creative cosmos are yours for the taking

We’ll be back next week with more!

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