Hey No-Code Champions,

The clock is ticking on 2023. How are you feeling as we power through this final stretch?

Whether you’re anxious, excited, or anywhere in between, our weekly voyage through the no-code cosmos is here to finish your year on a strong note 💪💫

Don’t forget to buckle those seatbelts as we settle in for takeoff. Countdown is about to begin 🚀

Up First: Your Free Sample from CC Creative

Is achieving top-tier design on your New Year’s Resolution list? With CC Creative Design, you don’t have to work toward that goal on your own.

As a membership-based design agency, CC Creative does things differently than anyone you’ve worked with in the past. For just one monthly fee, you gain unlimited access to whatever you need to launch and grow your biz: app design, web design, wireframing, branding, and more 🙏

And, of course, they’re just as obsessed with no-code as you are.

Want to see if you’re a match? We already know you are, but the team would love to win you over with a complimentary personalized design sample that brings your vision to life 🎨

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The Latest No-Code News

  • Whatever your no-code New Year’s Resolutions may be, Bubble’s newest blog has you covered. The extensive guide has the insight and advice you need to reach any no-code goal, no matter your experience level or ambitious vision. Click here to read it!

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Ghost

Are you an aspiring content creator? Course instructor? Blogger or podcaster? Journalist?

This week’s no-code tool spotlight is on Ghost, a powerful tool for independent, modern publishing. The easy-to-use app is designed exclusively for creators to help them design, share, and grow a business centered around their very own content.

From websites to newsletters to paid subscriptions, Ghost broadcasts your creativity to the world, no matter your level of technical expertise. Users love Ghost because it includes:

👻Rich, dynamic media options, including image galleries, gifs, video, audio, products, info boxes, accordion toggles, downloadable files, bookmarks, and more

👻Complete creative control with intuitive customization options and excellent integrations

👻Easy community engagement with native signup forms that turn views into memberships

Oh, and it’s a proud non-profit with the long-term goal of building open source journalism technology.

Click here to start building up your content pipeline today!

This Week’s Top Tips & Takes

  • Need a bit of encouragement to usher in 2024? This X post is a solid reminder that no matter your experience level or progress so far, your no-code journey itself is valuable.
  • Determined to make 2024 your year of entrepreneurship? This quick check list is one startup founder’s take on where to start – you can already cross no-code off!

This Week’s No-Code Wins

Do you have any no-code wins of your own? Share your project or story with a tag on X @NoCode_This and we’ll spotlight you in our next newsletter!

No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Ready to put your skills to the test? Three agencies are hiring Freelance designers:

💼AnyRoad is hiring a Freelance Webflow Developer

💼High Circle is hiring a Freelance Fronted Webflow Developer

💼Big Story Agency is hiring a Webflow Designer & Developer

You got this, voyagers 👏

🌍 Coming in for landing! 🌍

As always, we’re impressed and inspired to have so many crew members join us for our weekly no-code voyage. Is there anything else you need to make 2024 your best year for no-code yet?

📤Hit ‘reply’ to tell us a bit more about your no-code goals! 📤

Otherwise, have a great rest of your week, and enjoy the holidays! We’ll be back soon with more.

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