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The Latest No-Code News

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Strikingly

Although Strikingly doesn’t have the same notoriety as other no-code website builders, it’s a strong, straightforward, and stable solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Here’s why:

⚡ Strikingly is budget-friendly, but still packs a punch when it comes to features (even on the free plan!)

⚡ Strikingly’s library of 191 templates features options specific to a wide range of industries (all of which are mobile-friendly)

⚡ Strikingly’s live support team is responsive 24/7

Oh, and it’s shockingly easy to use. Freelancers, e-commerce brands, local businesses, and mid-sized organizations alike can all get their sites up and running without having to tap a technology expert. If you have yet to dabble in no-code website building, this could be a solid place to start.

In short, the main descriptor that comes to mind for strikingly is simple. Its only downfall is its lack of hyper-specific customization, but if you don’t have time for that anyway, Strikingly is a safe bet for your next (or first) site!

Our Favorite How-Tos this Week

If Strikingly sounds like a match for you, these tutorials are an excellent launching point:

🧑‍🚀 For beginner-level blogging

🧑‍🚀 For website building

🧑‍🚀 For custom web design

Sticking to Webstudio? This new tutorial covers connecting Webstudio forms to Airtable.

Sticking to Bubble? This short video is super helpful for improving conditionals and expressions.

This Week’s No-Code Win(s)

💪 Softr loves to showcase apps from the community, and they never fail to impress! Check out last week’s user-made selections here.

💪 When you get into a good no-code flow, a lot can happen in a short amount of time. Check out what this Webflow user built in just 30 minutes!

💪 This entrepreneur and no-code super user is building an app to help parents ramp up their storytelling skills. Check out a preview of the no-code creation here.

Resource of the Week

As easy as it is to explore the no-code cosmos, even the world’s fastest learners need a guide here and there. No matter what obstacle you come up against, No Code 101 from No Code MBA can set you on the right path!

Whether you’re new to no-code or need to level up your current no-code knowledge, you might be one course away from your next big breakthrough.

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Up for the challenge of a fast-paced agency job? Zerocoder, a specialized no-code firm helping businesses across the country improve their digital footprint, is seeking a new full-time Bubble developer. If your Bubble portfolio is ready for business, send your CV over to in@zerocoder.com or DM this post’s recruiter on LinkedIn.

That brings us to the end of this exploration chapter! Stay cool out there, voyagers, and as always, keep up the momentum, curiosity, and drive.

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