Hey, No-Coders!

Happy Thursday!

Welcome back to the next stage of our voyage through the no-code cosmos 🚀 💫 As usual, we’re thrilled to have you on board!

Of the many things we love about the no-code universe (and those trekking it alongside us), we can summarize our excitement into one word: yes.

With no-code on your side, gone are the days of no. No-code doesn’t just power new possibilities – it changes your perspective on what you as a person can achieve.

Ready for takeoff? We have a feeling we know the answer 😏

Let’s get into it!

The Latest No-Code News

From features to products to events, there’s always something new with no-code. Here’s what’s happening this week:

Following the first-ever Bubble Developer Summit last week, Bubble released a quick recap of the news and updates shared throughout the event. If you’re a Bubble loyalist, click here to catch up!

No-Code Tool of the Week: Framer

Although no-code is easy to learn by nature, Framer is one of those no-code platforms that truly lives up to the easy-to-learn promise. In fact, it’s a go-to for many entry and junior developers trying to break into the wide world of no code.

What makes Framer so reliable for beginners? In short, it’s a cakewalk compared to Figma and doesn’t tread into information overload like Webflow and Bubble might for no-code newbies.

Here’s why it made our list:

⚡You can ship designs just as quickly as you build them

⚡You only need basic canvas skills to learn the ropes (zero HTML or CSS knowledge isn’t an issue)

⚡You can use anything in the freeform canvas and content editing without restrictions

Bonus points if you’re well-versed in Figma: you can copy and paste layers, frames, and autolayouts from existing Figma creations. In fact, some devs work in Figma to perfect a design, then import it into Framer for final publication.

As you might expect, Framer isn’t quite as robust as Webflow and Bubble, especially when it comes to CMS – Framer does support it, but not as well as the others. Depending on your skill level, this can be a pro or a con. It’s nice to not have to get into the software weeds, but you don’t have quite as much freedom CMS-wise.

If you’re already in the portfolio stage of your no-code voyage, we recommend this one for an easy skill set showcase ⭐

Tip of the Week

Now that we’re well into our no-code exploration, there’s something you need to consider when choosing which tool to invest in: platform risks.

As much as we love no-code, we’d be hard pressed to call any of them perfect. Some struggle to export smoothly, some have features that require extra tinkering, some are difficult to launch quickly.

Our tip of the week requires some big picture reflection. When things get tough during a no-code working sesh, ask yourself: is your platform of choice freeing you, or chaining you?

If you’re more stressed than you were before no-code, it’s time to hit pause and recalibrate 🤝 stick around this newsletter to know where to go next!

Resource of the Week

If you’re still hearing gibberish when we talk no code, perhaps starting with a Bootcamp will do the trick. Oh, and no judgment here – we’re just happy you’re along for the ride!

A fantastic Bootcamp option is No Code 101 from No Code MBA. You can take it at your own pace, and you’ll gain access to the platform’s entire library of learning content when you’re done 🍎 📏

You got this, friends 😎 Happy learning!

This Week’s No-Code Win(s)

The no-code community is always up to something. While some wins come to no one’s surprise (like this Framer website so strong the company reposted it on Twitter), some are more creative than others 😅

Take this wholesome story from a Bubble developer whose girlfriend lives in a different country. To overcome the language barrier, he built a website on Bubble exclusively for learning new words together from afar (while getting some no-code practice too). When we say the no-code possibilities know no end, we mean it!

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Are you a TikTok fan? No-code might be your in! The app’s parent company ByteDance is hiring two no-code/low-code Lark positions: Software Architect in Seattle and Product Architect in San Jose 🤳

Congratulations, you’ve completed this edition of our no-code journey! We’ll be back next week with more news and tips 🪐

As always, remember this: the universe is in your hands!

Talk soon,

Your 'NoCode This' Crew 🚀