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Happy Thursday, and welcome back to the next chapter of your journey through the no-code cosmos 🪐

Whether you’re here to start a business, nurture a hobby, or revel in the fun of learning something new, we’re honored to have you on board 🫡

Though everyone comes to no-code for different reasons, the end result is always the same: a newfound understanding of how technology can help you shoot for the stars 💫

As usual, there’s a lot to explore this week – buckle those seatbelts, and get ready for takeoff!

Up First: Your Very Own Back-to-School

Although no-code can help with just about anything, it can’t do everything (yet 😉).

Need someone in your corner to help speed up your growth? With iWorker, you can hire a bilingual, college-educated virtual assistant who can truly benefit from the work – with a focus on employing people in countries in crisis, the platform is all about pairing top talent with top talent.

Click here to make your first hire!

The Latest No-Code News

  • Taking a look at the funding world, it’s worth noting that Zenity, an early-stage Israeli startup focused on strengthening the security of no-code and low-code platforms, recently announced a $16.5 million Series A investment. Click here to read more about the startup, which could boost no-code’s legitimacy even further.
  • A new research report titled “No-Code and Low-Code Development Platforms Software Market” came out this week and details market share, size, and 2030 forecasts for both the industry as a whole and leading no-code companies. Click here to read the details.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Relume

Want to become a Figma or Webflow pro, but have no idea where to start? Or maybe you’re a web design pro looking for ways to keep pace with AI.

Allow us to introduce you to Relume, a product company with a library of over 1,000 no-code components you can copy and paste directly into a Webflow or Figma project 🙏

Thousands of Figma & Webflow users turn to Relume for:

👉 Its extremely user-friendly interface with a no-brainer ‘copy and paste’ function

👉 Templates, tools, and resources non-devs can fully grasp

👉 Components that effortlessly ‘fill in the gap’ of complicated designs

The cherry on top? Relume recently launched an AI site builder to make no-code even more, well, no-code. In their own words, they’re “on a mission to help web designers win in the era of no-code and generative AI.”

In short, Relume helps people build better designs faster in Webflow and Figma ⚡

This Week’s Top Tip(s)

A Can’t-Miss Event

If you’re reading this before 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST on September 14th, hurry over to a live webinar from Glide on Building AI-Powered Business Apps! Click here to register for the link.

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Love no-code enough to help build it? Lark is looking for a mid-senior level No-code / Low-code Platform product Architect to help accelerate the digitization of enterprises from its San Jose office. If the salary weren’t enough, you’d also be working for ByteDance 🤳

Click here to see if you’re a fit!

Now that you have a no-code platform to help your other no-code projects (plus a virtual assistant from iWorker), there’s very little standing in the way of your goals 👏

Still need a bit more inspiration to keep up the momentum? We’ll be back next week with more!

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