Hey No-Code Champions,

Welcome to our final voyage of 2023! We’ve had such a special time trekking the no-code cosmos this year, and we can’t thank you enough for being a member of the crew 🫡

As 2024 comes into view, don’t forget to a) pat yourself on the back for making it this far, and b) get excited for all the growth on the horizon 💫

Whether you’re a long-time voyager or a first-time passenger, no-code is sure to unlock even more new doors for you this New Year!

Are you to see what’s in store this week?! For the last time in 2023, buckle those seatbelts, and get ready for takeoff 🚀

Up First: No-Code MBA

Want to set yourself up for lasting success in 2024? We have two tips for you:

First, go ahead and cut yourself some slack 🤚You’ve taken on a lot of learning this year, and it’s more than okay to need some review time!

Second, consider going back to basics with No Code 101 from No Code MBA ⏪ without a stable foundation of no-code knowledge, learning gets harder and harder the further you venture.

If no-code is the key to your success, you know what to do! After powering through the program’s user-friendly courses (at your own speed, of course), you can put your skills to the test with the boot camp’s massive learning library 📚

Click here to get started ASAP this New Year.

The Latest No-Code News

  • No-code app builder Zyllio is now natively integrated with OpenAI (even in the free plan), enabling users to generate Texts based on any prompt. If app creation is on your New Year’s resolution list, be sure to check it out!
  • Speaking of AI, AITable is a new low-code/no-code software development platform that leverages ChatGPT and Copilot to simplify dataset editing. For a slightly more advanced no-code platform powered by AI, you might want to get in on the ground floor of this one!
  • Graphlinq is now integrated with Solana to offer logical blacks with smart-contract execution, completely code-free. For a simpler method of building, managing, and automating blockchains, click here to learn more.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Wized

Let’s say you’ve created a beautiful web app in Webflow. It looks great, didn’t take too long, but it’s missing some more advanced configurations. You’re determined to keep things code-free, so how do you handle advanced JavaScript logic?

Easy – you turn to Wized, a no-code platform for strengthening your Webflow creations to build a customized SaaS, membership app, dashboard, Web3 app, and more.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, marketer, educator, or non-profit leader, Wized simplifies the process of:

👉Uploading data from other apps

👉Making live changes and sending data out in real-time

👉Adding advanced authentications and custom logins

👉Managing permissions and accepting payments

👉Cloning and scaling projects

For ambitious apps that need a whole lot of customization (without breaking the bank), you and your users will love the Wized experience. Click here to get started!

This Week’s No-Code Wins

Though the year is almost over, it’s never too late to spotlight some no-code wins 💪This week, we were thrilled to see:

👏 This collection of stunning landing pages from popular Webflow designer and developer Hafiz (this could be you one day!)

👏This 45-second Tic-Tac-Toe game build using a lightning-fast no-code/AI website builder

👏This user, who built a real-time chat feature for his finance app using Flutterflow and WebSockets

No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Is your portfolio ready to be shared? This X user posted a thread asking for portfolio/CV drops to pass along to her boss. Only 6 users have replied, so now is a great time to post yours!

We shared this last week, but in case you missed it, check out this guide to achieving your no-code New Year’s Resolutions from the team at Bubble. If 2024 is the year you want to make your own job opp, this post is a great place to start!

📡🌍 Coming in for our final landing of 2023 🌍📡

We know you have a lot to do before the year comes to a close, so we’ll let you get to it!

See you next year, voyagers 🥂

Talk soon,

Your 'NoCode This' Crew 🚀