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Whether you’re learning your first no-code tool or your millionth, now is the perfect time to zero in on your next big project!

The no-code cosmos await – climb aboard, find your seat, and get ready for takeoff 🚀

Up First: CC Creative Design

Although no-code can be the foundation for a one-person crew, you don’t have to build your business alone. Looking for a creative partner to help fine-tune your vision?

CC Creative Design is standing by to handle App Design, Web Design, Wireframing, Web Development, and Branding. AKA, everything you need to get your project off the ground 🎨

We’ve hyped up CC before, but the team just launched a new membership system to help customers secure the perfect partnership. Choose from:

🎨Monthly Membership ($3,990): Enjoy ongoing design expertise and support. Pause or cancel anytime for maximum flexibility.

🎨Weekly Trial ($1,195): Test our services and experience our collaborative approach before committing.

Ready for a new take on the design partnership? Click here to get started!

The Latest No-Code News

  • Slack recently announced the all-new Slack Developer Program, where developers can join a free portal to access sandboxes, custom functions, and seamless CI/CD workflows. Click here to learn more and sign up.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Brokenatom

If you’re still looking for your perfect full-scale no-code app builder match, allow us to shine a spotlight on Brokenatom, a next-generation tool for developing advanced end-to-end applications, completely code-free 🧪

For no-code endeavors that require…

👉 Custom databases

👉 Easy permission controls

👉 Ready to go UIs you can tailor with ease

… you’ll love the sleek, simple beauty of building with Brokenatom. It balances creative design, advanced data configurations, and easy customization – everything you’d want from no-code.

Plus, the new AI feature helps speed things up even more so you can publish in days, not weeks. ⚡

Click here to give Brokenatom a try today!

Our Favorite Brokenatom Tutorials

Brokenatom launched just four months ago, so we don’t have as many tutorials to share as usual. But don’t worry – you can still get a beginner’s overview with this 30-minute tutorial from the Brokenatom development team 👏

This Week’s Top Tips & Takes

No-code is all about discovering the latest and greatest hack 👀Check out…

This new custom booking form you can build for free on Webflow with Memberstack

✅ Similarly, this Airtable how-to for perfecting a simple booking system

✅ This additional Airtable tip for managing projects in list view

This Week’s No-Code Wins

Need some fresh inspo to secure your next no-code win? Take a look at:

The website for Lemonsqueezy, a Webflow creation so good that Webflow posted it on X

This habit tracker made via Notion leveraging the new no-code formulas language

The website for Minimum Studio, all thanks to Bubble and a lot of no-code creativity

This no-code dashboard created with KNIME, which shows a geospatial impact analysis of social media during Hurricane Ian

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