Hey No-Code Champions!

We know you’ve been counting down til this week’s voyage 🚀 With an ever-expanding universe to explore and so many endeavors to launch, who wouldn't?!

Because in the words of Carl Sagan…

“Space is for questing and wondering, for exploring unanswered questions about the universe and ourselves.”

And by space, we’re pretty sure he meant the no-code cosmos 🖖 Ready to climb aboard? Countdown is about to begin, so find a seat and get ready for takeoff 🧑‍🚀

Up First: CC Creative Design

Are you tired of building your business alone? Collaboration is key for a reason 👀

CC Creative Design is reimagining the agency partnership for App Design, Web Design, Wireframing, Web Development, and Branding - AKA, everything you need to get your project off the ground 📈

The team just redesigned its offers to make collaboration easier than ever. Take your pick from three new tiers:

🎨 Monthly Membership ($3,990): Dive into unlimited design expertise and support, with the flexibility to pause or cancel anytime.

🎨 Weekly Trial ($1,195): Test the waters with our services and experience our collaborative approach firsthand before making a commitment.

Ready to reinvigorate your design journey? Click here to get started!

The Latest No-Code News

  • Do you love Airtable? Do you love AI? If you answered yes to both of these, you’re in luck: Airtable AI is now available to all users. You’ll now be able to augment workflows, make decisions faster, and unlock new revenue. Click here to learn more!
  • Do you love Google Workspace? Do you love AI? If so, you’re also in luck: Google is hosting an open webinar on Generative AI within Google Workspace on April 10th from 9:15 AM - 10 AM PST. Click here to register.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Appy Pie

Does anyone here wish no-code development was just a 🤏 tiny bit easier? It’s certainly easier than coding, but that doesn’t mean no-code is simple for everyone.

Enter Appy Pie, a no-code platform for app and website development powered by generative AI 🤖

For a lower cost point than traditional no-code and a fraction of the time investment, Appy Pie empowers any type of user to create stunning designs thanks to:

👉 Native AI Features: equipped with AI Text to Image Generator, AI Text to Logo Generator, AI Photo Enhancer, and AI-generated templates

👉 The ‘Business Process Automation’ suite: for incorporating conversational AI elements like Helpdesk, Live Chat, and Chatbot Builder to enhance customer support

👉 Classic No-Code Perks: You can still use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and automation seamless workflows with unlimited integrations

Appy Pie is especially great for international builders and users – it breaks barriers by supporting over 30 languages 🌍

Ready to build with the easiest no-code tool on the market? Click here to get started with Appy Pie today.

This Week’s Top Tips & Takes

The no-code community never fails to share all the pro tips. Here’s what we discovered this week:

👏You can now restore backups on Webflow – here’s how.

👏Notion has released a lot of updates recently, so here are 10 new ways to use workflow buttons.

👏Bubble kicked off a new beginner course series for getting started with Bubble in 2024 – here’s the first video.

This Week’s No-Code Wins

What’s a no-code voyage without some wins? Cheers to:

This Make user’s stunning workflow

This Bubble user for breaking his own record and building an app in one hour

This Dora user’s perfect 3D animated website

This Bubble user’s just-for-fun interactive piano website (yes, that’s the whole site)

This Bubble developer who can’t contain his excitement for … the new elements tree (relatable)

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Though this voyage has come to a close, we know you’re ready to finish up Q1 in style 💫 Because with no-code in your corner, not even the sky’s the limit!

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