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Another week, another opportunity to delve into the depths of the no-code universe. So, strap in, ignite your curiosity engines, and let's once again soar to new heights together!

Up First: NoCode MBA

No-code may be built for ease, but that doesn’t mean you can pick it up overnight. If you haven’t become a no-code master yet, don’t worry – you just need to brush up on the basics!

Luckily, you only need a few hours, a computer, and an open mind to get up to speed with NoCode MBA, the #1 source for learning anything no-code 🍎

What makes NoCode MBA so popular? Easy. Students gain access to:

👉60+ curated courses you can take on your own time

👉Step-by-step guidance on building real, working apps

👉An engaging community of fellow no-coders at every level

You’re just a few hours away from bringing your idea to life! Click here to get started.

The Latest No-Code News

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Thunkable

Determined to build a mobile app, but don’t want your tool to hinder your creativity?

That’s the vision for Thunkable, a no-code app builder focused on speed, ease of use, and of course, stunning graphic design.

Thunkable has everything you’d want from a sleek no-code platform:

☑️ Drag and drop design components

☑️ Advanced logic capabilities, all code-free

☑️ 20+ third-party app integrations

☑️ Direct publishing to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

☑️ Multi-user collaboration with dedicated workspaces

Compared to similar no-code tools on the market, Thunkable stands out for its mobile-first focus, advanced customization, and template-free building options. Think of Thunkable as an an empty canvas, and you as the painter 🎨

Click here to try Thunkable today!

Our Favorite Thunkable Tutorials

👉This ‘Better than Bubble’ Thunkable tutorial will get beginners up to speed in 30 minutes.

👉Short on time? This 8-minute tutorial is also for beginners.

👉For specific how-tos, browse Thunkable’s playlist of intermediate guides.

This Week’s Top Tips & Takes

The no-code community never fails to teach us something new. This week, we loved:

A list of ChatGPT prompt tips from no-code workflow tool Maker (we figure they’d know best)

⭐ Similarly, Notion shared the anatomy of a great PRD (apparently tools are teachers now)

⭐ In case you missed it, Slack has AI now. If you’re an enterprise user in the US or UK, you’ll now have a much easier time sorting through old messages!

The No-Code Event of the Week

Developer Week 2024 is officially underway! It’s a little too late to attend (we’re no-coders anyway), but we’ll keep an eye out for any no-code news and share the most important updates next week. Follow along in the meantime on X @DeveloperWeek.

This Week’s No-Code Wins

👏This no-code entrepreneur who successfully shipped 17 apps in just one year

👏This new no-coder who built these stunning Framer designs her very first week

👏This fellow no-coder who’s building a no-code site to help find the best no-code tools (can you tell he likes no-code?)

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Finally, we came across this remote, full-time Low code / no code Architect opening at low-code agency Supersynchronous. They’re hoping for someone who lives in GMT-4 to GMT-8 time zones – if that’s you, click here to learn more.

As we come in for landing, we hope you’re as excited about your future as we are. With no-code on your side, the cosmos have no limit!

As always, feel free to send any thoughts, questions, and no-code wins our way with a tag on X @NoCode_This or hit ‘reply’  📤

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