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Happy Leap Day! Do you know what an extra day on the calendar means? An extra day to hone your no-code skills 😏

A lot of exciting updates are underway in the no-code cosmos, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff 🚀

Up First: NoCode MBA

Before flying head-first into your next project, it’s important to take a step back and check in on your foundational no-code knowledge.

Have you mastered the basics yet? If not, you’re in luck. You only need a few hours, a computer, and an open mind to get up to speed with NoCode MBA, the #1 source for learning anything no-code 🍎

What makes NoCode MBA the go-to program for new no-coders? Easy. Students gain access to:

👉60+ curated courses you can take on your own time

👉Step-by-step guidance on building real, working apps

👉An engaging community of fellow no-coders at every level

You’re just a few hours away from bringing your idea to life! Click here to get started.

The Latest No-Code News

  • Webflow just launched Learning Land, an interactive learning game for learning the basics of web layouts in Webflow. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to learn one of no-code’s most important platforms, click here to check it out.
  • That’s not all from Webflow! The tool also released newly designed layout controls in the Style panel, including new flex controls, improved grid layouts, and a more sleek UI. Click here for more details on the updates, which launch March 4th.
  • Guess what: there’s even more news from Webflow! The new Figma to Webflow app just launched to help power users of both tools sync changes across the platforms in real-time. This tutorial explains how to use it!
  • Are you a visual learner? Notion posted this video to show off the updates in Notion 2.38. Check it out to see Notion’s latest features come to life!
  • Bubble also shared some news this week: the styles tab has a refreshed look and function to help users leverage search features more effectively. Read this walk-through for details.
  • Coda, the no-code doc tool for team collaboration, recently released Coda AI. The new assist feature takes autofill to a whole new level!
  • Are there any Alfred users out there? This unique no-code app for boosting productivity on Mac computers just announced Alfred 5.5 beta, which includes ChatGPT and DALL-E integrations. Click here to learn more and download the beta.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Voiceflow

Ready to break into the world of AI chatbot building? Despite how advanced AI chatbots have become, it’s easier than ever to create your own with Voiceflow, a no-code tool for building and launching AI agents quickly.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or leading a whole team, Voiceflow helps anyone bring their work to life with a modern conservational bot. Voiceflow is a leader in this space because it enables:

▶️In-browser or desktop building

▶️Rapid testing directly on your device

▶️Easy design sharing and real-time team collaboration

▶️High-quality conversation design

▶️Reusable components and flow for fast building

▶️Advanced logic

▶️SSML editing

▶️Contextual reprompts

Amazon, US Bank, Ford, Walmart, and Instacart are among Voiceflow’s rapidly growing customer base. Ready to join them?

Click here to get started!

Our Favorite Voiceflow Tutorials

👉This complete beginner tutorial outlines everything you need to know about Voiceflow

👉This tutorial from Voiceflow explains how to create your first bot in 10 minutes

👉This how-to shares details on Zapier & Make Voiceflow integrations

This Week’s Top Tips & Takes

In the market for no-code pointers? Check out:

🍎8 features every Notion user should know about

🍎Why prototypes are dead, according to Bubble

🍎3 things to consider when choosing invoicing software, from Make:

The No-Code Event of the Week

Get out your calendars! A lot of exciting no-code events are coming up:

📅Tonight at 7:05 PM EST, Zapier’s Lead AI Product Manager will share marketing ops insights using ChatGPT automations.

📅On March 5th at 1 PM EST, Airtable is hosting a ‘Getting started in Airtable’ webinar

📅On March 6th at 1 PM EST, Bubble is hosting How to Build Day with a lineup of inspiring speakers

📅On March 12th at 8:30 AM EST, Airtable is also hosting an event for Boston builders

This Week’s No-Code Wins

A voyage through the no-code cosmos wouldn’t be complete with some wins. Cheers to:

The founder of Cluee App, who Bubble spotlighted for building 50+ no-code apps

The creator of Rails, who used Webflow to build his bookmarking app

This no-coder who’s building a browser extension for side projects

This demo from Buildship showing off how easy it is t turn plain English into logic blocks

That was one of our most action-packed voyages yet! Do you need anything else to power through the next chapter of your no-code journey?

As always, feel free to send any no-code wins, questions, or lingering thoughts our way.

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