Hey No-Code Champions!

Have a case of the January blues? We know the perfect cure: another journey through the no-code cosmos 🪐

From brand-new tools to expert tips to inspiring no-code wins, there’s always something new to explore!

Don those spacesuits and buckle your seatbelts – we’re just about ready for takeoff 🚀

Up First: CC Creative’s Partnership Program

You’re not a traditional entrepreneur, so why settle for a traditional marketing partner?

CC Creative is shaking up the usual marketing model on two fronts:

  1. When you become a member of CC Creative, you gain unlimited access to all the digital designs you need to succeed: app design, web design, wireframing, branding, and more!
  1. Members make money every time they refer a paying client. Simply sign up for the Partner program, and get a 10% commission on all referral payments. That can be $400+ per month 👀

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The Latest No-Code News

2024 has barely begun, and so much exciting news is already underway. Here’s the latest no-code news we’re digging:

  • AI and no-code are orbiting closer and closer together, especially with the launch of Licode, a no-code platform for building and launching GPT-4 AI apps. Users only need prompts and forms to build AI apps entirely online. Click here to learn more.
  • Notion, a darling of the no-code community, just launched Notion Calendar, an advanced scheduling app featuring the platform’s iconic sleek interface. If you’re on the Notion train, click here to check out the demo.
  • Another new no-code platform launched this week: Hatch, a no-code drawing tool for creating and exporting hand-drawn art and animations. This easy, simple tool can jazz up anything you’re working on! Click here to learn more.
  • Finally, a heads-up that Config, Figma’s conference for its builder community, is scheduled for June 26th and 27th. The in-person and virtual event already has early bird ticket sales, so be sure to check it out ASAP!

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Xano

We’ve spent a lot of time on our voyages exploring how no-code can elevate front end development (ya know, all the stuff your users actually see).

But what about the back end of things? How can you customize and scale your databases, logic, APIs, and servers without dealing with code?

Easy: you turn to Xano, a trusted no-code backend solution for over 20,000 SMB and enterprise applications 👏

Xano is known for doing anything a programming language can do, just without all of the code and Lambda functions. You and your team can…

👉Create APIs

👉Store and structure data

👉Perform aggregations

👉Scale with stability

👉Automate background tasks

… and a whole lot more, with super easy real-time collaboration. Plus, you never need to worry about security. Everything you do on Xano complies with SOC2 Type II, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001.

Ready to build a back end in minutes? Click here to get started!

Our Favorite Xano Tutorials

Xano may sound complicated, but as a member of the no-code this crew, you already have what it takes 🖖 If you’re starting from scratch, check out:

This beginner-level overview

This step-by-step guide for creating API

This rundown of common beginner roadblocks

This Week’s No-Code Wins

Let’s be real: no-code is all about the wins. This week, we’re cheering on:

👏This ecommerce cart flow created in Flutterflow

👏This forgotten password feature, which took just two minutes in Framer

👏This quick yet effective Framer landing page

👏This invite designed with Figma and Bubble

👏These delightfully funky retro vibes created with Dora and Flutterflow

Do you have any no-code wins to share? Send yours our way with a tag on X @nocode_this, and we’ll spotlight you next week ⭐

Before we return to Earth, we have an important question for our crew: What’s missing from your no-code journey so far? What do you still want to learn? How can we help you thrive?

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And with that, this week’s voyage has come to an end 🌎 We’ll be back this time next week with more!

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