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Welcome back to the No-Code This Newsletter, Thanksgiving edition! 🦃

This likely won’t come as a surprise, but there’s one thing we’re especially grateful for this Thanksgiving: the endless possibilities of the no-code cosmos 🙏🚀

We hope you're feeling just as grateful as we are after a delightful Thanksgiving dinner! Still, got some energy left for a quick voyage with the crew? Let’s not wait any longer. Grab your helmets, and get ready for takeoff!

Up First: CC Creative Design

While some no-coders love playing around with design, many just don’t have the time or finesse to master the creative side of things. Don’t worry – that’s what CC Creative Design is for!

The membership-based design agency leverages the power of no-code and more to give clients unlimited access to:

🟪 App design

🟪 Web design

🟪 Wireframing

🟪 Web development

🟪 Branding

And unlike other design agencies, CC Creative Design skips the proposal stage, schedules fewer meetings, and doesn’t require a bunch of templates to get started. Oh, and you can even make money with the referral program.

Click here to join!

The Latest No-Code News

  • Framer released a new way to customize your no-code creations: Effects. The new update can be found in Components and supports Appear, Hover, Press, Drag, and Loop to Scroll Animations, Scroll Transforms, and Scroll Speed. Click here to read more about the update!
  • Have you been thinking of trying Frames? Frames (not to be confused with Framer) is having a 50% off Black Friday Sale now through Monday. Now is your chance to try the brand new Dashboard UI, Marketing UI, Workflows, and Style and Templates options. Click here to get the deal!
  • After gaining a ton of popularity in Japan, the no-code test automation platform MagicPod will soon become available around the world. The innovative tool enables developers to automate their UI testing without having to write any code. Click here to learn more about the expansion.

The No-Code Tool of the Week: Teyuto

This week, we’re exploring a no-code tool with a purpose unlike anything else we’ve discovered while journeying through the no-code cosmos: Teyuto, a code-free method for creating proprietary video platforms that deliver your content around the world.  

If you’ve dreamed of getting in on the streaming industry by building a website, mobile app, TV app, or video platform, it’s tough to beat Teyuto’s:

📺 Zero revenue sharing pricing model

📺Enriched video CMS that doesn’t require tech or IT teams

📺Lighting-fast building speed

📺Dynamic interfaces and advanced visuals

📺Endless monetization opportunities

Over 4,000 organizations are already sharing videos with customers thanks to Teyuto!

From content creators to performing artists, teachers to local venues, you’d be surprised how many professions can grow their audiences with custom video platforms.

Click here to build yours!

This Week’s Top Tip(s)

This Week’s No-Code Win(s)

⭐Flexibl is one of the many companies that’s thriving thanks to WeWeb. Click here to read the full success story!

⭐Shoutout to this Bubble user who just completed a course as part of her 100 Days of NoCode journey. Here’s her latest update!

⭐You’d never know it, but this designer tool directory only took about 8 hours to put together on Y Code.

⭐Or, take this programmatic SEO project. It only took 10 hours to create and earned 1 million impressions in 2023!

⭐Although we’re all about no-code, we can’t help but admire this Softr user who decided to add custom code to their project.

The No-Code Job Opp of the Week

Instead of a job opp, this week, we’re passing along this project brief repository platform full of project ideas for no-code developers. You’re welcome in advance for the inspiration!

Enjoy the holiday, everyone! We hope you get a chance to rest and recharge ahead of our next voyage.

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